Sightseeing Citymap with attractions of Venice, Italy – free download

Top Sehenswürdigkeiten von Venedig auf einem Blick
Top Sehenswürdigkeiten von Venedig auf einem Blick

Are you looking for a perfect city map of Venice that you can also print out in high quality? Here you will definitely find what you are looking for – we searched the internet for usable stuff around the Italian Laguna city and compiled the best city maps with sights and POIs for your trip down below.

How do I get my city map of Venice?

Alles was du tun musst ist, ist unten auf die Karten zu clicken, von dort wirst du direkt zum Anbieter weitergeleitet. Mit einem weiteren click kannst du dir deinen Veneig Stadtplan einfach herunter laden und anschließend in Farbe ausdrucken. Die Formate sind groß genug für DIN A3. Bist du übrigens ans weitere Pläne in Italien interessiert, so haben wir HIER für dich unseren Rom Stadtplan , bzw den detaillierten Plan vom Vatikan.

All you have to do is click on the map images below, from there you will be redirected to the actual owner of the map. We are only curating the material. With a second click you can simply download your Venice city map which should be already in printable format and in color. Basically the formats are large enough for DIN A3, in order to give you the best overview. By the way, if you are on a round trip and interested in further plans of Italy, HERE we have our Rome city map, or even more detailled, the location plan of the smalles country in the world, the Holy Seat – Vatican City.

The links might lead to German pages as we are still in the course of translating our content. Nevetheless you should get along and find the appropriate maps to be downloaded.

Districts of Venice together with its islands on

center of Venice on

Venice, Italy City map with indicated free WiFi Spots

Culinary Italy, or as some say… Eataly

at this stage maybe a little footnote towards the the culinary highlights of Italy. If you are already in Venice, then please also with at least one coffee coffeebreak (not necessarily at St. Mark’s Square – it is pure rip off). So that you know exactly what you can expect in your cup after your order, we put together a nice little guide to explain you the great Italian world of coffee.

Other Italian destinations

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